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Welshpool Landing
Campobello Island Welshpool Landing
Campobello Island
Welshpool Landing
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About Welshpool Landing


The closest gateway to Canada from the U.S. Eastern Seaboard is Campobello Island.  You can join us by car over the Franklin Delano Roosevelt Memorial Bridge, or sail through the waters FDR loved. 


From the border, Welshpool looks across to Eastport and Lubec, Maine’s easternmost communities, and opens onto the international Quoddy Region, rich in beauty, history, and fun.


Founded in the 1700s, Welshpool traditionally hosted fishing, working, and recreational boats, while welcoming visitors by land and sea.  Today the volunteer Friars Bay Development Association is renovating Welshpool Wharf and Welshpool Hall under the historic name of Welshpool Landing.


Welshpool is a certified Port of Entry, and the only Canadian port in the immediate area with permanent Canada Border Services Agency officials.  


Private vessels can readily come in from the United States.  Commercial and passenger vessels need to take extra steps.

  (More border-crossing information here.)

At Welshpool Landing you’re secluded but close to sights and services.  The Roosevelt Campobello International Park is a mile up Friars Bay.  Also a mile off, the Campobello Village Mart provides groceries and supplies. 


Just steps from Welshpool Wharf is the Campobello Public Library and Museum, with free Wifi.  Around the corner, you can catch a ferry to picturesque Deer Island, where another ferry links to the New Brunswick mainland.


Welshpool Hall, where Eleanor Roosevelt used to attend dances, is a large two-story all-season building with an affectionate place in Campobello tradition.  An outside deck overlooks the wharf and Friar’s Bay.   


The Hall’s main floor, with kitchen capability, hosts arts and crafts, theatre, and events. In future the lower floor will offer laundry and shower facilities for boaters.  (For information or booking, click here.)


Welshpool Wharf is receiving boats only at its interior floats, while the main structure undergoes renovations.  Boats can also anchor off and tender in.   (For information or booking, click here.) 


The floats lie inside a solid rock-cribbed wharf extending about 200 feet from shore and another 215 feet along the end ell.  When renovated, it will berth vessels up to roughly 300 feet long.  A mooring area will provide extra capacity.  Plans also include a dock running along the shoreline for smaller boats.


What about the famous Bay of Fundy tides?   Welshpool Wharf has good depth – about 12 feet at the outer end of the interior floats, and about 20 at the outer part of the main structure, deepening rapidly on the offshore slope. 


To use Welshpool Wharf, contact Peter Harwerth, Harbour Master (phone 506-752-1901; e-mail or Friars Bay Development Association (phone 506-752-2977); e-mail  Or you can use the form at the end of this website. 


To use Welshpool Hall:  contact Friars Bay Development Association Inc. (phone 506-752-2977, e-mail 

Or you can use the form at the end of this website.  


Special Tips for Boaters:  



About crossing the border: see Canada Border Services Agency information here

Tidal information for Campobello:


For Canada as in the U.S.A., 911 is a general emergency number.


 Canadian Coast Guard Search and Rescue:  toll free (within region) 1-800-565-1582, or phone 1-902-427-8200. 

Report marine pollution incident:  1-800-565-1633 (24 hours).  Report navigational hazard:  902-426-9750.


 U.S. Coast Guard numbers are found here

​ Welshpool Landing at present does not provide fuel or water.

Customs and Border information Welshpool Wharf notice found here 

Contact: Mr Peter Harwerth Harbour Master 506-752-1901 or use the contact form at the bottom of the page for additional information and reservations. 

Get Here

Get Here by Water
Entering Canada
Get Here by Land
 (and how to explore FDR's Beloved island)
Day trips/local links
Nearby Ports

With deep beauty comes deep history

Welshpool Landing c.1910

  In this region...

French explorers made their first settlement in North America

An Irish-American raid from Eastport, Maine precipitated Canada’s political union


Franklin Delano Roosevelt learned to sail . . . and voyaged from Friars Bay
Captain to President of the United States

Local skippers pioneered fishing and management methods that crossed oceans

The Quoddy Circuit

A marine necklace of scenic villages and towns – that’s what you’ll find on the Quoddy Circuit opening from Campobello. 

Come write your own page of history....



What's to Sea ?




The highest tides in the world... walking on the ocean floor at low tide. Hiking in Roosevelt Campobello International Park.. Tea with Eleanor... fresh galleries, restaurants.

Two lighthouses on one island!

There's so much to sea or you can rest quietly in Welshpool Landing


Come and



Welshpool Hall and Office-11 Welshpool Wharf Rd, Welshpool, Campobello Island N.B. E5E 1G1

Welshpool Wharf - 31 Welshpool Wharf Road, Welshpool, Campobello Island N.B. E5E 1G1

To use Welshpool Wharf:  contact Peter Harwerth,

Harbour Master, at  506-752-1901, or use this form

To use Welshpool Hall:  contact Janice Meiners or Joyce Morrell at The Owen House, 506-752-2977, or use this form

Please note: Events with alcohol require a special-occasion permit

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