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 The Quoddy Circuit

A marine necklace of scenic villages and towns – that’s what you’ll find on the Quoddy Circuit opening from Campobello. 


Welshpool Landing is minutes by water from Eastport, Lubec, and Deer Island, and about ten miles from Grand Manan to the south and St. Andrews to the north.


Lubec, Maine, the easternmost community in the continental U.S.A., has chocolate shops, seafood, a craft brewery, and an overall flavour all its own.


Eastport, Maine, boasts a thriving art scene and a working waterfront that combines fishing, commerce, and all-around fun.  The Artsipelago map shown here is courtesy of the Eastport-based Tides Institute & Museum of Art.


Deer Island, on the Canadian side just past the Old Sow whirlpool, has some of the most picturesque fishing villages on the planet.


Up the bay, historic St. Andrews attracted merchant royalty from across Canada to build their summer mansions.


Blacks Harbour created its own fishery niche, as North America’s capital of sardine canning.


Offshore, Grand Manan has long drawn discerning visitors.  The fishery-based, self-reliant island offers whale and seabird watching and down-to-earth friendliness.


Once American boaters clear in at Welshpool, with its Canada Border Services Agency officers, they can cruise the Canadian side without further formalities.  It’s easy to re-enter at Eastport or Lubec, through U.S. Customs and Border Protection.


If you’re travelling by vehicle, Welshpool is the start of two entrancing ferry rides:

- across to Deer Island by East Coast Ferries

- from Deer Island to Letete and St. George on the New Brunswick mainland


A bigger ferry can take you from Blacks Harbour to Grand Manan


There’s more regional information here:

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View from Campobello Island to Lubec
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