Eastport Maine Wharf

Eastport Maine is a wonderful port to explore and close to Welshpool Landing. Come and explore the Quoddy Loop and make Welshpool Landing your base.


Latitude/longitude: 44.90 N, 66.98 W (according to Google Maps).

- Distance from Welshpool Landing: about 1.44 nautical miles.

- Berthing facilities: The downtown Breakwater (pictured above) is operated by the Eastport Port Authority. It hosts cruise ships, pleasure craft and commercial fishing and sightseeing vessels.  Dock space and mooring accommodations are also available at the Eastport Chowder House on a first come, first serve basis.

- Depth: More than 40 feet.

- Services:  Fuel and showers are located at the Eastport Chowder House. Fuel is also available by truck delivery on the Breakwater pier. Marine goods are available a short walking distance from pier facilities. 

- Amenities: Many shops, galleries, and restaurants located in the historic downtown.  ~ Mackerel fishing off the Breakwater July through October. ~ Fishing and whale-watching cruises, along with a water taxi to Lubec, Maine, are operated from the Breakwater. 

- Official agencies: Customs and Border Protection, Port Authority and Harbormaster's Office, and U.S. Coast Guard station are located at the head of the Breakwater.

- For further information:

            - Port of Eastport: https://www.portofeastport.org/.

            - Customs and Border Protection: https://www.cbp.gov/contact/ports/eastport.

            - City of Eastport: https://www.eastport-me.gov/.


- Special note regarding Customs: Eastport and Welshpool are just across Friar Roads from one another, and both have Customs offices. This area is the most convenient in the entire region for vessels to clear in and out.

Welshpool Landing

Campobello Island N.B. Canada


"Homeport to History, Gateway to Canada" 

Welshpool Wharf: Contact Peter Harwerth, Harbour Master (phone 506-752-1901) E-mail CampobelloSights@gmail.com or call


Friars Bay Development Association

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Welshpool Hall:  Contact Janice Meiners or Joyce Morrell at The Owen House,
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