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Get Here by Water

An old sailing route – Down East to the Bay of Fundy – can bring today’s boaters new enjoyment.


Most American private craft never get beyond the New England coast – which is fine as far as it goes.    


No area thrills them more than Penobscot Bay.  Ports like Camden, Rockland, and Bar Harbor offer seafood, arts and entertainment, and endless scenery.  


But look beyond.  Seventy miles northeast, Passamaquoddy Bay rivals Penobscot in beauty - and offers two countries to explore.  



“Working-waterfront communities such as Maine’s Eastport and Lubec offer a lively arts scene. On the Canadian side, sights include the elegant mansions of St. Andrews and fish flipping in the herring weirs of Grand Manan.  Boaters coming east to Quoddy will find higher, more thrilling tides and unmatched whale watching.” 


Those words from New Brunswick’s Minister of Tourism show not only the area’s attractions but a co-operative approach to the Two-Nation Vacation.  (Source:  Bangor Daily News, May 2017 )



The closest port for entering Canada is Welshpool Landing on Campobello Island.  It’s right at the border on wide and welcoming Friars Bay.  Officials of the Canada Border Services Agency are close at hand.  After clearing in at Campobello, you can cruise on without further formalities.  



What about fog and tides?  At Campobello the rise and fall can reach about 27 feet, and fogs are frequent enough that an annual concert festival is named the Fog Fest.  (  The Bay of Fundy is beautiful, but as everywhere, boaters should be careful.  


Canadians, we aren’t forgetting you.  Sail from Saint John, St. Andrews, or anywhere else, visit Campobello, and you’re minutes from the wharves in Eastport and Lubec, Maine.

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