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To drive to Campobello, go way Down East on U.S. Route 1, and take Route 189   to Lubec, Maine. The bridge from Lubec, Maine takes you straight into the famous Roosevelt Campobello International Park.  But that’s only the beginning of Campobello. 


Further on you’ll find the Herring Cove Provincial Park and Golf Course, shops, villas, and galleries, and at the far end of the island the supremely picturesque Head Harbour Light Station.


Midway is Welshpool village – seat of the Owen family of British captains and admirals that once ruled Campobello.


Welshpool looks onto Friars Bay, where Franklin Roosevelt learned to sail.  In the village, the young FDR got defeated in debating contests with quick-witted islanders. 


The Campobello Public Library and Museum has a treasury of local lore and artifacts, and the first monument to Franklin Roosevelt erected anywhere. 


Welshpool Hall, where Eleanor Roosevelt used to attend dances, is a large, two-story, all-season building with an affectionate place in Campobello tradition.  An outside deck overlooks the water. 


The renovated main floor, with kitchen capability, hosts arts and crafts, theatre, and events.  In future the lower floor will offer laundry and shower facilities for boaters.


Around the corner from Welshpool Hall is the ferry to scenic Deer Island, where a free ferry links to the New Brunswick mainland.

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