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From Wharf Rebuilding to Whales

Welshpool Landing this summer has seen cruise-vessel visits, community celebrations, and an important news announcement.


Government funding will help rebuild the Welshpool Wharf approach road – that’s the part reaching straight out from the land.  Provincial support comes to $444,816 and federal to $397,555, for a total of nearly $843,000. 

John Ames, New Brunswick’s Minister of Tourism, Heritage and Culture, and Karen Ludwig, federal Member of Parliament for New Brunswick Southwest, made the well-attended announcement on July 9 in Welshpool Hall.

The job will go to Fundy Contractors, based near St. George, N.B.  The company is led by Mr. Mel Young, who is closely connected with Campobello.  Work will take place this fall and winter, and will provide some employment on the island.

Not long after the funding announcement, the 184-foot Grande Mariner, operated by Blount Small Ship Adventures, visited Welshpool Wharf on July 14, and the Maine windjammer American Eagle, operated by Captain John Foss, on July 18.  Passengers enjoyed visits to the Roosevelt Campobello International Park and tours by Campobello Sightseeing.

After crossing from Eastport, Maine, the American Eagle cleared into Canada at Welshpool and continued on to Grand Manan and St. Andrews.  The Friars Bay Development Association encourages this Quoddy Circuit.  Tourists see more, and the whole region benefits.

Welshpool Landing makes it easy, since we are the closest entry port to the U.S. eastern seaboard, and Campobello has a permanent corps of Canada Border Services Agency officers. 

Welshpool Wharf is also being used by local fishing, aquaculture, and recreational boats.  But currently, only the floats on the inside of the L-shaped structure are operational. 

That’s changing.  Reconstruction of the approach road and eventually the outer main wharf will enable larger vessels to tie up right alongside,  The outside of the sizeable wharf has about 20 feet draft even at low water, and will be able to host vessels up to 300 feet long.

            On shore, Campobello Fog Fest and Lighthouse Days celebrations took place this summer at Welshpool Hall.  Other events have included receptions and a whale-disentanglement course by the renowned Campobello Whale Rescue Team.


Whales have crowded Campobello waters this summer, and herring too have been plentiful.  Life in the water brings life on the water, and we in the Friars Bay Development Association hope for a rising tide of fishing and tourism in our region.


American Eagle passing Head Harbour Lightstation

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