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News:Campobello Island Shuttle to Eastport & Cruise Vessel Visits

It’s exciting to see a good-sized cruise vessel come to Welshpool Landing, but Campobello islanders will be just as pleased with the new shuttle to Eastport.

The Pearl Mist, which can carry 210 guests, is operated by Pearl Seas Cruises.

The Pearl Mist will anchor off Welshpool Landing early afternoon May 13 and stay overnight. Visitors will tender in to the floats at Welshpool Wharf, then visit the Roosevelt Park or other island sites. Local vendors will offer items for sale in Welshpool Hall.

Next year the Pearl Mist and other large vessels may be able to dock directly at the deep-water Welshpool Wharf. That’s not guaranteed, but we’re hoping. It will require further wharf renovations, following up on this winter’s work by Fundy Contractors and Fundy Engineering.

Several islanders tuned up for cruise vessels with a 1-1/2 day “Cruise Readiness” workshop in Welshpool Hall, April 30-May 1. This was sponsored by the Province of New Brunswick’s Department of Tourism, Heritage and Culture, and presented by the renowned Aquila Tours of Saint John, N.B.

Welshpool Landing also welcomes yachts and other private vessels, especially from New England. Despite the famous “thickening border” after 9/11, these days it’s easy to clear into Canada. Welshpool is the closest Canadian port and has a Canada Border Services Agency post. Essentially, you just need proper identification and to call CBSA on arrival, but please check the official word at

Extra fun will come from the Eastport/Campobello Island shuttle this summer.

Captain George “Butch” Harris of Eastport Windjammers plans small-boat crossings on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays.

The new shuttle will fit in with an old tradition. Fishing boats, ferries, and pleasure craft used to cross constantly between the USA’s easternmost city and the Fundy Isles.

Take a look at the long-ago photo below.

These boats tied up in Eastport were more than likely to be from the Canadian side, carrying fish or goods back and forth, or transporting islanders on shopping trips. The picture is courtesy of S.L Wadsworth and Son- Ship Chandlery, the oldest ship chandlery in the United States and still going strong!

For years, Eastporters and their visitors have been wanting an easy way to get across to the Roosevelt Park, Head Harbour Lightstation, and other Campobello attractions. And people on the island want access to Eastport’s restaurants, galleries, and downtown generally.

Now, with Welshpool Wharf coming back into operation and Butch Harris setting up his shuttle to Campobello Island , the old connection will be restored.

For more information on how to bring your boat to Campobello Island please visit

To visit Campobello from Eastport The Eastport Windjammers website is at

We hope to see you on Campobello Island in 2019 at Welshpool Landing.

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